The Global Heart Project

Imagine a world  

where there are communities of women fully lit up, empowered, and contributing their gifts through impact projects that uplift humanity?

The rising of women into their leadership will be a part of what brings more peace to this planet as well as what will support the solving of humanities greatest challenges. 

Through empowered individuals and community we will rise together. 

Women in the world are READY to RISE and together we will.. 

What does the  Global Heart Project work on? 

The Global Heart Project (GHP) is a non-profit that trains facilitators all around the globe to  lead the Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) in their local city. 

Women who join the Women’s Leadership Program are supported to step deeper into their purpose and to create impact projects that uplift their communities and that uplift the world. The women are encouraged to chose projects that will support the global goals initiative. 

Together we will rise. 

We are partnered with to connect with their community of women who are being trained as facilitators. Hive is an organization that brings together top worlds leaders. Thes

Our Mission:

To connect the hearts of women around the world & together build a leadership organization that empowers women in local communities to build impact projects that uplift the world. 

We imagine a world with hearts lighting up around the globe and it creating a huge ripple effect for local communities. 

What countries are we launching our program in?

How you can support?

You can see the community projects created because of your dollar donated. 

  1. Every dollar donated goes towards training women for women in low-income areas. The Training

  2. Funding the Programs in these countries.