The Global Heart Project

Imagine a world


where there are communities of women fully lit up, empowered, and contributing their gifts through impact projects that uplift humanity? 

The rise of women into their leadership will be part of what brings more peace, unification, and innovation to the planet. 

By empowering individuals through supportive community we will rise together.

Women in the world are ready to rise and together we stand. 

What does The Global Heart Project work on? 

The Global Heart Project (GHP) is an organization that supports women empowerment and leadership through our Hive Women Leadership Program (WLP). This is a program that is being launched in 12 countries globally including Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, USA, Algeria, Yemen, Zimbabue, Bahrain, Tunisia, Liberia, and Cameroon. To date, we have had impact projects launched in Liberia, Guatemala, Brazil, Pakistan, USA, and The Bahamas.

Women who join the WLP led by local facilitators are supported in stepping deeper into their purpose, awakening their leadership, and creating impact projects that uplift their surrounding community. The women are encouraged to choose projects that will support the Global Goals initiative. For every program ran, there will be a huge ripple effect as multiple new social projects will be launched. 

We are currently in a collaborative partnership with, a global community of leaders.

How your donation supports this cause

Your support funding provides opportunities for:

  1. Women in low-income areas to join the Facilitator training at low or no cost so that they can uplift women locally. These women will be supported through a continued network of support to ensure the success of their programs. They are able to utilize the program and brand to create their own local business.

  2. This funding will go towards supplementing the facilitators so that they can provide low-cost pricing and scholarships for their programs so that more women can join locally. The more women rising together, the better.

  3. In-person Women Leadership & Empowerment training in areas where there is low access to WiFi and resources.

  4. Funding will go towards some of the most promising social projects.

Countries we are currently launching Programs in:

Liberia, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, USA, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Uganda, Bahrain, and Yemen.


In gratitude,

Danielle Blum
Founder & CEO, The Global Heart Project